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Japan Hide-and-Seek Kitty Candies

A cat plays hide-and-seek with you!
Japan Felissimo is providing fortune cookies with a cat hiding in the cookies, named Dagashi Nyanko  Kakurenbo or Hide-and Seek Kitty Candies.

Kentucky Fried Chicken All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant in Japan

Kentucky Fried Chicken opened all-you-can-eat restaurant!
At Lalaport Expo City, Japan.

Train-Onigiri, Take This Ride!

Take a train is usual activity for us, how about making a train-shaped nigiri?!

Little Sweater for the Mug

We need a sweater in winter.
So do the mug in our house.

Top 10 creative benches

When you are walking around the streets,
have you ever saw some creative benches?

Cats in the pouch, and you still can hold it tight!

Ladies love pouch!
When pouch meets cat's prints, what it can be?

Ikea Walks into Runway Fashion

Ikea steps into the new territory.
Launched a first ever fashion show in Milan, which collaborated with designers.

Riding into a Toilet Stool?!

An interactive approach can be applied to children education, they can learn well and faster.
So how about education about toilet stool? o.O?

Homemade Ramen in the House

Winter is coming.
A bowl of hot ramen would be the best gift ever when you are sitting on the sofa,
watching OnePiece.

Cats' Pattern Marshmallow! They are Edible!

Cats are cute, we knew it!
How about cats' marshmallow on the pancake?

Don't worry, they are totally okay to eat!