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Japan Gachapon Cat pattern Oven Baking Set

We love cute cat!
So do Gachapon is.

Sakura Flavoured Red Bull

A pink and silver can released from 16 February!
Here it is a sakura flavoured energy drink for you when you are enjoying the cherry blossom season in Japan.

Japan Cat Pattern Bottle Cap Opener

You probably have a lovely cat,

A brand from Japan is telling you that
now you can have a cat pattern bottle cap opener!

I Want a Pony

Another buzz be created around Tokyo.
The iconic Hasbro brand, My Little Pony has partnered with a leading restaurant in Sunday Jam, Japan.

Transform the Pen, be a Transformer!

Have you ever watch the Transformers movie or anime?
How was it?

The Most Cutest Characters' Bentos

Singapore-based mother-of-two, Li Ming prepares incredibly creative lunches for her sons, Ivan and Lucas.

Japan Hide-and-Seek Kitty Candies

A cat plays hide-and-seek with you!
Japan Felissimo is providing fortune cookies with a cat hiding in the cookies, named Dagashi Nyanko  Kakurenbo or Hide-and Seek Kitty Candies.

Kentucky Fried Chicken All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant in Japan

Kentucky Fried Chicken opened all-you-can-eat restaurant!
At Lalaport Expo City, Japan.

Train-Onigiri, Take This Ride!

Take a train is usual activity for us, how about making a train-shaped nigiri?!

Little Sweater for the Mug

We need a sweater in winter.
So do the mug in our house.