models dressed up in the summer party 2015 by starbucks

Starbucks hosted a Frappuccino themed fashion show in Japan. 

FOOd-inspired summer style

This creative collection of food photography created by Australian advertising agency named WHYBIN\TBWA.

fashion upcycling/reconstruction

My dear all, how's your day?
having a cup of coffee,
and doing something awesome to somebody you care?

Anyway, I joined a charity event recently while busy rushing
a rebranding project for a hotel in Taiwan.
I need to say it's so much fun!

Fast-food inspired patterns are everywhere in the Moschino F/W 2014,
and I found out these burger prints are definitely the trend for all.

Givenchy top [before redesign]

Here is the Givenchy redesign,
the original piece is quite mature yet usual with lace prints.
It's beautiful, but...

MaryMariee is a Japan-based company, which provides an unique service; 
rents out women’s formal wear.
But, they recently focus on a whole new market, men!!

[top to bottom] floral kimono cardiganroxy marj clutch | Japanese hiragana stamp set | pinterest 

Move to and fro the hem of cardigan, 
we know it's the coming of spring season.
Change from the heavy fabric to lighter,

awaken your floral vintage spring and summer spirit!


[original design] Balenciaga knitwear

[original design] Balenciaga knitwear

It's the time to awake the summer spirit, 
I think it's also the exact time for my Balenciaga knitwear to a whole new look!
Here I am to redesign it.

top left: Vogue Italia, January 1972 | top right: tumblr |
bottom left: fumikokawa styling bottom right: polka dots sequin maxi skirt

It's often said that double prints could be the messy combination.
But, I think it could be a total new beginning, take some time for today,
to recharge and be ready for the week ahead.


A problem of having not enough space to put your purses and all the lovely stuffs in your bag?
Yeah, what I mean is one bag.

1~ floral prints

how's you all doing recently? hope it is great.
let's see what's the trendy stuffs which are
lovin' by Japanese girls right now...


A Chinese porcelain alike vase made from cardboard
history of socks
purple and orange yarn, my favourite


drops into an imagination,
a feeling which will lead you to a new world...

serve to remind us a fantastic world.

There is a creative design week in the beginning of April,
I'm busy to make my skirt for this exhibition.

Using paper as my major material to create the pleats,
and I'm gonna show you all once it's done.