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Fashion Trend in Japan (February 2011)

it's really glad that received emails from my readers said they are loving this monthly post about fashion trend in Japan.
thanks much for those who are looking forward for more interesting post here.
So, here we are again to sneak peak what's happening on Japan streets currently^^

Obsessed with Japan fashion culture, talented designers, kinds of style..
from High fashion, Harajuku style, Lolita, Mori-Girl, free mix and match to street casual..
Japanese fashion always inspired me and what they wearing are just refreshing and awesome!

Take a look what's trend they are rock'in on this month :)

Spotted: 70s' inspired
* can't explain exactly what belongs to 70s', but we can just pointed out fashion items on the street and screaming.. "wow, that's so 70s'.."
* Japanese are always rock the fashion trend with their own way by adding sweet yet personality style on it.

Spotted: blazer & biker jacket
* easy to mix and match. Girls wearing it with a scarf to create a layer yet fun style.
What are you waiting for? Steal this look!

Spotted: earth-tone
* eco-chic style always hot trend for dolls in Japan.
natural-ish pieces with earth-tone are all the way, remember to keep it with layers and different fabrics to avoid over-effect.

Spotted: oversize scarf/wrap-around
* adding it to create more interesting style with vibrant colours.

Spotted: plaid-ish
* can't ignore it always.
wearing it by adding 'school-girl' style to the overall.

Spotted: faux fur wrap
* how to style yourself with a more detailed and polished look in this winter?
Sneak peak these lovely and stylish Japanese girls^^

Spotted: tote bags & clutches
* classic and plain tote/clutch become one of the must-have around girls. 

Spotted: over-knee socks/ layered-socks
* interesting style with socks.
especially knit-socks with patterns are most popular to wear on the street.

Spotted: lace-up boots
* plain boots is easy to create a rocker chic style.
Japanese girls rock it with different ways of tie and the colours too.

Spotted: nails art in red and starry
* love the nails art in Japan, they are so well-designed and creative.
short and clean nails are the trend, and starry patterns still heating around Japanese.

Spotted: natural curl and side-braided hairstyle
* Japanese fashion is one of the hottest topic around the world, they are creative with their unique mix and match and fashion sense.
I love how they are dress up themselves from head to toes with extra care and creative minds, especially the hairstyle.
side-braided with bow hair-clip to create a sweet look..
and the natural curl at the bottom part of hair also be seen on the street by these fashionista.

Share this with you all..
and try the trend spotted here, if you like Japanese fashion trend as me too :)
and meet you all on next month ♥

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