metal buckles redesign


buckles_metal_redesign_before fuminized

A drop of creative juice always be the main bite to motivate the creation, I like to see everything creative to inspire my creation.
metal chain creation is one of the design which I obsessed with.
showing the beauty between bound and boundless and bring out the femininity in the way of masculine.

Fannie Schiavoni_metal accessories_Spring_Summer_2011_exhibition

A well-designed metal chain creation with extra care handcrafted skill by Fannie Schiavoni who made fantastic accessories and well-known with her original signature metal pieces.

Fannie Schiavoni_metal accessories_Spring_Summer_2011

she uses durable metal chain for her collection to create unique, clean and structural design.
I like how she remain the monotone colour of pieces to emphasize the shape, design and concept of her metal accessories.

buckles_metal_earrings_redesign_embellished-processing_by fumiko♥

when I saw I have a pair of buckles which I get from my mum's unused suspender jeans, I decided to make things out from my metal accessories' inspiration.
I used the metal-embellished to complete the design..

created a pair of earrings which adding on the softness with the hard-detailing.
and I chosen the monotone darker green-ish embellishment to stand out the overall design and remain the beauty of metal detailing. 

buckles_metal_earrings_redesign_after fuminized

buckles_metal_earrings_redesign_after fuminized_styling

this metal buckle-earrings which I redesign from the unused suspender jeans' buckle could be wear in different kinds of style..
and I just cant wait to wear it and match with my knit cardigan which bought from Japan^^

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  1. Off-topic: Followed you at Google Connect. Hope you'll do the same for me as well. :)

    I'm really amazed you can make such a wonderful vintage earring with the buckles you had.

    <3 Grysh

  2. thanks dear for your sweet words.. :) i will keep improving on my work^^ ~F.

  3. How creative! Found you throught the CSM facebook page, glad I did! :)

  4. wow, that's great! I wish to have a fashion course in CSM in the near future, studying what I wish to improve and create something good for people..
    anyway,thanks for visit and nice to meet you here :)
    stay tuned for more updates in my blog^^