Thursday, 11 August 2011

keep your hair long

growing the hair which I loving the most from you...
I know that you will keep it, and never make the cut.

beautiful hair with short or long, I prefer the long hair.
long hair with plenty of wonderfulness, sweetness and flowy. 

as I know it, I will keep it and grow it..
with the long hair.

long hair inspired from tumblr images


  1. 一番と二番と三番と最後の写真はとてもかわいいだよ。でも、私も短髪が日本人の女の子で大好きです。

  2. yeah, I love them too :)
    long hair and short hair are cute too, especially Japanese Girl^^

  3. im trying to grow out my hair long after making the mistake of cutting it short early this year. Taking such a long time :(


  4. hehe... I am keeping my hair long too.. :)

  5. Lorenza Capuano30 December 2013 00:54

    anyone knows the name of the girl with reddish hair?